With Doctosmart, you can focus on your patients, not your paperwork.
Top-Quality Clinic Management System in India to Boost-up your productivity

Turn your paperwork nightmare into a well-oiled machine. The most intuitive clinic management software in the healthcare industry.

Powerful online scheduling with practice management software

Create one-to-one appointments, group bookings, special packages or reoccurring appointments. Add separate calendars for each doctor and control their access with flexible user permissions.

Reduce no-show rates

Patient no shows are costly to your clinic practice management. Keep your cash flow healthy and ensure your patients remember their appointment with automated message through WhatsApp and SMS appointment reminders.

Auto-refill spots with waitlisted patients

Don’t miss out on potential income from cancellations. See which clients are waiting for appointments, which practitioner they would like to see.

24/7 Doctor Appointment scheduling

Let your clients book an appointment at a time that’s convenient for them with online doctor appointment booking system. Host the booking form directly on your website. Send an SMS to confirm bookings with your clients.

Find all treatments plans

We understand that each doctor's workflow is different. That’s why our team has created 1000’s of templates for doctors & clinics across the world. You can pick the pre-defined templates from our clinic sottware or get your customized version absolutely free of cost.

Generate E-Prescription in a single Click

Manage commonly and recently used medicines. Create your own favorite list of medications, including ready-made prescriptions using trade names or generics and also option to show medicines available in pharmacy.SMS and Print prescriptions to Patients.

Add or migrate Patient information easily

Add patient to your database in seconds or if you have an existing database that you want to import, simply send us your customer list in excel format and we’ll do the rest – for free!

See a full patient history

Keep your patient’s clinical records securely in the one place. Add clinical notes & attach documents such as imaging results, photographs, x – rays, consent forms, referrals or any type of documents for better patient outcomes.

Record payments with practice management system

Payment types are the mode of payments that patients make. The payment can also be partially entered in whichever modes patient comes into. If the patient is willing to make a part payment by cash and remaining is willing to pay later.

Generate financial reports in seconds

View your income by doctor, appointment type or time period. Identify inactive clients and compare no shows vs attended appointments. Use the export to Excel function in clinic software to manipulate your data further.

AI Automated Expense tracker

It’s important to keep track of your expenses throughout the year as it’s a possible tax deduction for your business! With Doctosmart clinic management software you can add, track and report expenses on the go and stay organized.

Track Clinic performance with the help of software

Understanding what driving revenue in your Clinic is. What’s your busiest day or your most popular service? by the help of practice management software improve your practice and guide your business decisions.

Automatic Adjustments

Once you have issued a prescription, your Pharmacy receives a copy in real-time. The pharmacist can now generate a bill, reduce inventory by stock sold, and fill in the prescription - all of this in 1 single click.

Lab information management

Laboratory information management system allows you to place orders for samples directly from Doctot App, register your sample containers, Print barcodes, record sample data, assign sample locations, assigns collection agents and integrates with your lab machines for complete automation in your lab.

Increase ROI

Increase sales and reduce inventory wastage with a completely integrated Inventory Management, EMR & Pharmacy.

Purchase Management done with clinic software

Options to manage suppliers, raise purchase invoice, raise GRN from Purchase Order. Stock adjustment option available for non GRN based flows.

Simply Track The Performance

It is an all-inclusive software that enables doctors to monitor the performance of their clinics. Our AI based clinic management software is designed to optimize your practice and enhance work efficiency.

Feature-Rich Report Generator

Doctosmart's brand-new Report Generator uses the power of your data to visualize your clinic's performance. Pull up pie charts, bar graphs, and scatter plots—and have them emailed to you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Smart & Convenient Tool

It helps doctors provide better care to their patients by letting them capture, store, and analyze clinical data through its cutting-edge technology of doctor app.

Helps Decision Making with Artificial Intelligence

We'll want to know what kind of work flow you have now, what works well for you, and where we might be able to simplify things so that everything runs more smoothly.

Connect with Patient via WhatsApp & SMS

Send an SMS directly from Doctosmart, whether it be a personalized message, an automated appointment reminder, promotion or for billing and payments. 96% of SMSs are opened within 3 minutes.

WhatsApp appointment reminders

Schedule automated WhatsApp appointment reminder messages. Customise the message with your own words and sender name.

Promote with email marketing

Send out promotions, newsletters, feedback surveys or special offers – it’s all possible directly from the Doctosmart platform. You can even create and save a template for next time.

Integrate with online marketing platforms

With our intuitive clinic management system you can Easily connect Doctosmart to Facebook or instagram. From there you can make Clinic promotion

256-bit encryption enabled patient management software

That means that your data is protected at every stage of its journey, as it's being transmitted between different environments, as well as while it's being processed and stored.

HIPAA compliant

Your patients' information is safe and secure in our clinic management software(HIPAA Compliance), and that all of your data is being managed according to the highest standards of information security.

AWS cloud storage for patient data

AWS cloud storage system automatically backs up all files at preset intervals throughout the day. If a practitioner's computer fails or gets stolen, their data will remain safe in the cloud.

Two-factor authentication

When you log in, you'll be asked for your password and a temporary one-time code that gets sent to your phone via text message. The code changes every time you log in.

Revolution in India!

We introduce first-ever voice recognition enabled clinic management software in India. Packed with the most advanced voice recognition and artificial intelligence algorithms, Doctosmart is going to be the best choice for your desired clinic management.

Say "Hey Docto"

Now you can say "Hey Docto" to all of your clinic management systems from your phone or tablet. You can order supplies, schedule appointments and appointments for yourself, and even check out the latest findings in Doctosmart - all with just a few simple commands.

Easy navigate to immediate functions

If you are a doctor or practice manager, the Doctosmart practice management software offers an easy-to-navigate and intuitive user experience. The software has a voice assistant built into it. This allows you to navigate the features of the software using your voice.

Helps streamliine operations

In the age of voice assistants, it's no wonder more and more clinics have been adopting the use of voice assistant technology. This can help streamline your clinic management operations, allowing you to spend more time on other aspects of your Clinic.

Clinic software to run your whole healthcare practice management

Patient information management systems offer a range of benefits to providers big and small. Like Ease Overburdened Staff, Practice Management, Timely Patient Care, emr & ehr management, Organization, Day-to-Day Operations etc..

What makes Doctosmart unique from other clinic management software?

Doctosmart is a simple practice management software that helps clinics run more efficiently and focus on their patients. Our users have found that they can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time with their patients.

Doctosmart puts your practice management at the forefront of technology. It allows you to use your iPad as if it were an electronic medical record (EMR) system, so you can see your patients’ information in real time and make changes without having to log into a separate system.

  • HIPAA Compliant clinic management software
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Two-factor authentication
  • AWS cloud storage

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