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Innovative Inventory And Pharmacy Management System

Purchase Management

Doctosmart makes it easy for you to manage all of your vendor relationships and purchase transactions in one place. Our platform is fully integrated and allows you to keep track of all purchases, manage your vendors, and see all of your contracts in one place.

Track a fully-fledged inventory

Whether it's a small pharmacy or fully-fledged inventory system, no more worries! All the things are safe in Doctosmart's hands! Manage them very hassle-freely with our smart software.

Get updated with pharmacy dispencing

It's more important to be updated with the stocks with pharmacy despensiing on your clinic. Our API integration helps you for keep in track of that. You'll never mess up with complexity of inventory of your clinic!

Generate & monitor purchase orders

If you're running a multi-speciality clinic, then it's more difficult to deal in paper with all the vendors and purchase members that you have. Our smart software helps you to get rid of that head-ache. All your orders and purchases can be easily managed at your fingertips!

Expiry & return management

One of the most important features of any clinic management software is the ability to track expiration dates and manage returns. And of-course We have that super power! You can keep them fresh without having to worry about wasting money on spoiled goods.

Track the availability of drugs

Doctosmart provides a reliable, real-time tracking system that allows you to see which drugs are available in your inventory at any given moment. With Doctosmart, you can track the availability of drugs in the inventory and order them when they are running low.

Inventory section categorisation

You can categorize your inventory into groups, which can contain subgroups and items within them. You can also create custom fields to track any relevant data that you need, whether it's expiration dates or batch numbers.

Instant report generation

It gives you real-time insights using data from your inventory. The intelligent software uses machine learning algorithms to automatically collect, clean and integrate stock data.

Refill-reminder messages

If the items in the inventory are running out of stocks, our smart software will automatically generate you a reminder message regarding the matter. You will never be unaware of the inventories on your clinic.

Benefits of Using Doctosmart for Inventory and Pharmacy Management

We are packed with every aspects you need for your clinic, and much more!