Lab and Inventory

Record payments, manage invoicing and track expenses on the go! Generate reports in seconds and access the dashboard for a snapshot of your cash flow.

Financial management for healthcare businesses


Automatic Adjustments

Once you have issued a prescription, your Pharmacy receives a copy in real-time. The pharmacist can now generate a bill, reduce inventory by stock sold, and fill in the prescription - all of this in 1 single click.


Increase ROI

Increase sales and reduce inventory wastage with a completely integrated Inventory Management, EMR & Pharmacy.


Management Reports

Carry your current status of Inventory anywhere and anytime. All kinds of Analytical reports can be derived from Doctosmart MIS Reports. Exports options are available to make the account management process easier.


Purchase Management

Options to manage suppliers, raise purchase invoice, raise GRN from Purchase Order. Stock adjustment option available for non GRN based flows.


Laboratory information management

Laboratory information management system allows you to place orders for samples directly from Docotosmart LIMS app, register your sample containers, Print barcodes, record sample data, assign sample locations, assigns collection agents and integrates with your lab machines for complete automation in your lab.


A payment management system that makes chasing client invoices easy

View all outstanding client invoices and then contact them via SMS or email for prompt payment. Set-up automatic alerts for unpaid services, so you can be sure that nothing slips through the cracks.


Instant access. Easy to use.