Payment processing made easy, to get you paid faster

Boost customer experience with reliable online and
on the spot payment processing.

Payments made easy with few clicks


Record payments collected with our payment management system

Payment types are the mode of payments that patients make. The payment can also be partially entered in whichever modes patient comes into. If the patient is willing to make a part payment by cash and remaining is willing to pay later.Learn more... >


Generate over 40+ financial reports in seconds

View your income by practitioner, appointment type or time period. Identify inactive clients and compare no shows vs attended appointments. Use the export to Excel function to manipulate your data further. Learn more.... >


Create patient invoices in minutes and customize them to your brand

Create a professional looking patient invoice with your business details and logo. Simply add a client in the payments screen to pull the details of their appointment across and create a invoice for the service automatically. Easy!


A payment management system that makes chasing patient invoices easy

View all outstanding client invoices and then contact them via SMS or email for prompt payment. Set-up automatic alerts for unpaid services, so you can be sure that nothing slips through the cracks.


An expense tracker for keeping track of expenses on the go

It’s important to keep track of your expenses throughout the year as it’s a possible tax deduction for your business! With Doctosmart you can add, track and report expenses on the go and stay organized.


Track Clinic performance and gain the confidence to expand and grow

Understanding what driving revenue in your Clinic is. What’s your busiest day or your most popular service? Use this information to improve your practice and guide your business decisions.


Instant access. Easy to use.