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Doctosmart Telemedicine Software: The Future of Medicine is Here, Now!

Online consultation platform

Doctosmart Telemedicine Software is a fully-featured telemedicine solution that enables doctors to connect with their patients and provides them with a complete suite of tools required to manage their online medical practice.

HIPAA Compliant

Our telemedicine software is entirely HIPAA compliant, It also allows for secure video calls, so that you can see your patient in real time while they're giving updates on their condition or discussing their symptoms.

E-Prescription generator

Doctosmart provides e-prescription generation facility that helps doctors prescribe medications when they're on call. You can remotely prescribe medication to patients in just a few clicks.

EMR/EHR integration

The platform is designed to help healthcare providers meet the evolving needs of patients in the 21st century. It is integrated with EMR/EHR systems, allowing physicians to retrieve patient records and send visit summaries to their health record remotely.

Payment Collection Facility

Our telemedicine software features a payment collection facility that makes it easy for you to collect payments from patients while they're still on the phone with you. You don't have to worry about mailing invoices or waiting until they arrive at your office to collect money owed—you can do it all without ever leaving your chair!

Telemedicine mobile app

Our fully-fledged mobile app lets doctors connect with patients and quickly share information such as lab results, diagnoses, and treatment plans. With one click, a doctor can send an invite to their patient's phone. The patient then receives an alert on their phone that invites them to download the app if they don't already have it, and then opens it up directly to the page where their doctor is waiting for them. They can start a video call or simply message back and forth without ever having to leave the app.

Remote scheduling

Your patients are busy people—with Doctosmart, they won't have to take time out of their schedules to drive to an appointment or sit in a waiting room. And with consultations conducted online, you'll find that they're also more likely to follow through on what you recommend.

Patient history management and analysis

Doctors can see more patients in less time while offering higher quality care. The software's analytics tools help doctors identify patterns and trends in patient behavior that are otherwise difficult to spot.

Pre-paid consultation

Prepaid consultations are available through the Telemedicine platform provided by DoctorSmart. It is easily accessible and affordable.

Advantages of Doctosmart Telemedicine Software